What started out as a combination of appeasing my littlest sister’s requests for a blog and a certain friend suggesting the rather perfect title ‘Planning Is For Amateurs’ as a succinct summary of my entire life strategy has become a place for me to play. If it entertains you even half as much as it entertains me, we’ll do alright.

I started this blog in the fall of 2012 at the onset of a two-week trip to Brazil to visit a dear friend from high school.

It was the appropriate moment to honor my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach to anything that requires real details be handled, which is an attitude I chalk up to a charming belief that everything important will always turn out okay. The side effect of that belief, however, is a somewhat stunning gift for accidentally missing flights, going on sketchy road trips, being surprised by things that are no-brainers to everyone else, occasionally sleeping in my car to save on hotel costs, and relying heavily on the fact that my friends are real adults. Maybe it’s not as bad as I think. But the day I started this blog, I had just left for Brazil knowing only the word ‘beijos’, had packed the night before leaving around midnight, was unsure whether my phone would work there and did not know the number of my connecting flight in Sao Paulo.

So, maybe it’s worse.

DSC_0827 copy

Since then, certain, slight improvements have been made.

The most important things to know about me are the following :

I really really like to eat, drink, write, photograph, wear clothes and travel.

I enjoy using the phrase ‘Fatty likes’ when referring to myself (as in ‘Fatty likes adventures’).

T-rex and I have a lot in common. Don’t ask me to do pushups. I would slap you but my arms are really tiny and weak.

I have a very real and overwhelming love for trucker hats.

Some of my best friends are Lightroom, Photoshop, my computer and C.S. Lewis.


This blog is the place I explore all the things that fascinate and inspire me, from stuffing my face to roaming around Europe.

Welcome to Fatty’s world.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Planning, this is Montucky Cold Snacks… thanks for your plug this summer! We just found it a few days ago and shared it on our FB account today. Looked through the rest of your site. Like your stuff. If you have any interest in modeling any of our upcoming products let us know. We should have some winter items coming in soon… just throwing it out there. Beer trade or something….


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